Charlene V. Brown


Sneak Peak

The ”secret” to any successfully executed game plan is not an actual secret. Consistency. Determination. Dream. Passion. These are some of the things that successful business people grab hold of. These help drive successful people into lead position of their destinies. They don’t wait for someone else to inspire their every move or give them permission to try different ideas that may or may not work. They don’t allow failure or naysayers to dictate their dreams and business moves.

If you’re ready to learn some actionable and successful strategies for your success in business to help you begin crafting your own strategy then keep reading. With this book you’ll not only learn how to find out the type of content your audience wants to see, but you will also find the best way to engage your audience and keep them interested in your brand.

This book was written with the busy e-business entrepreneur in mind. Helping the e-business entrepreneur use the best tools to insure maximum visitors and revenue is the objective of this document.

If you are easily overwhelmed with the notion of where to begin and how to locate your audience then this book is ideal for you. You need to do one basic thing in order for your e-business to succeed: INVEST. That’s it. The steady, consistent, and smart investment strategies of time and money will always keep you successful in business. Where most people give up, you keep pushing through until you get what you want most.

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Keep It Super Simple will also help you confront the myths and realities of entrepreneurs outsourcing part of their day-to-day tasks. From sanity saving measures to beneficial lifestyle-improvement techniques, you will learn the best methods as well as pitfalls to be aware of when considering outsourced strategies. Stop spinning your wheels and start taking intentional action.

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Why even bother with an online business? Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task for anyone and being online may present its own challenges as well as become a lucrative opportunity. Working remotely has become a necessity rather than an option for many business owners so that momentum is not lost in daily business processes and opportunities. Compared to the costs of overhead that accompanies establishing brick-and-mortar companies, online startups have some cost saving and alternatives associated with them.

The idea of completing projects or taking conference calls in your pajamas, being home when the kids arrive from school, being on hand when the cable man shows up without you having to take time off from work may be appealing. Selling and marketing your products and services may be done with minimum costs to you, if done correctly.

Although there are some learning curves to running any business, online businesses may be easier to navigate if you incorporate flexibility in your online business approach. Today is the day that you have decided to start your online business or market yourself like the professional you are, but before you can dive in to the heart of doing what you love, you must set yourself and your new business up for success.



Turn Clicks Into Profit is just a snippet of the vast knowledge available to online business owners and is intended to be a quick guide to help you navigate through the matrix of starting and managing an online business. This book is a sort of checklist to help you address the major components of what you will need to establish yourself as an online business and possibly a trusted brand.

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