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Charlene V. Brown

Becoming an author was never on my Bucket List. I simply wanted to create a book to help Solopreneurs know what to expect from their Website Developers & Designers. Now I’m a bestselling author!

Personal life

Coding & Design are strong passions of mine that I enjoy beyond just work. I’m also a passionate traveler, cinephile, music lover, bibliophile and whisky & wine enthusiast.


My background in in Psychology, Business Management, Organizational Technology Management. I’m self-taught in Website Development & Design, Graphic Design, UX & UI Design, & much, more.


Turn Clicks Into Profit (2014)
Keep It Super Simple (2015)
W.O.W. Anthology, co-author (2019)


Bestselling Author

Charlene Brown is the founder & CEO of Bklyn Custom Designs and Video Promos Concierge, author of bestseller Keep It Super Simple and Turn Clicks Into Profit and helps Solopreneurs launch their Brands and online businesses for almost 20 years. 

Charlene helps Solopreneurs transform their technology challenges into personalized roadmaps used to build sustainable businesses. Stressing technology can be a show stopper in business and through her experience Charlene removes the tech obstacle from Solopreneurs so they can thrive in what they do best in their business.

Charlene provides Branding Consultations, Website Development & Design, Graphic Design, and Video Promo Production to cultivate a full Branding package that any Solopreneur can use to elevate their brands and businesses to the next level.

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Mystery Authors Festival - Virginia

Booker Center for Cultural Arts



Author Appearance at the Gaithersburg

Gaithersburg City Hall



Bethesda Literary Festival

Bethesda Center for Book Arts



Christamore Guild Book and Author Benefit

Indiana Roof Ballroom & Library

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