17 Social Media Engagement Building Strategies in 2019

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Social Media has been an ever-growing challenge for me because I've been fighting with how I want my brand to be represented online. Testing the waters, figuring our my message, thinking about how to promote myself and services, and all the while not trying to overexpose my personal business.

Social Media has been an ever-growing challenge for me because I’ve been fighting with how I want my brand to be represented online. Testing the waters, figuring our my message, thinking about how to promote myself and services, and all the while not trying to overexpose my personal business. Talk about a challenge to combine all of that plus finding the time to manage my clients and my own projects.

Advice on How to Take Action

From Gary Vaynerchuk to Sue B. Zimmerman there have been tons of ideas I’ve learned about and tried and the main strategy I’ve learned it to try it all. 17 Social Media Engagement StrategiesOutside of purchasing online followers, there has been no reason not to try ideas on social media as the new Beta market to see what would work for my own business and hopefully my clients.

Gary Vee has stated over and over again to just push shit out there and get your message out. Video, audio, text, images, whatever – just do it. Sue B. has been all about being authentic and trying all the new gadgets IG pushes out so you can get comfortable with the tech & be one of the few using it first. That brings up engagement and you quickly become an expert without trying too hard.

My Own Experiences

I am no expert in social media but I do learn quickly and take action. Small steps showed me that not only was the advice I took in working, and they were also easy to implement. I started to share quotes (especially my own), I watched others and put my own spin on things to create my own flow, I also started to use video and engage with others. I tried engagement pods but they were not as fun as going on the different platforms and engaging with others who’s content I actually liked.

At the end of the day, I got out there and did the work to build my social media engagement. I also use automation to keep the flow of content going on my site but I make sure to monitor comments and respond as soon as possible. The last thing I want is to be on social media 10 hours a day and neglect my clients or myself.

Results Came for Me without Me Realizing It

Once I started to pay attention to my own stats I realized that I was actually holding my own – now I simply had to be consistent and stop over-thinking everything. I was doing something right and most of it was engaging with my audience and people I found interesting on Social Media.

Here are 17 things that I’ve learned in the past year and a half that you can do in 2019 to get started on social media, get your engagement up, and stay consistent & authentic:

  1. Register on at least three social media platforms with the name you want to be associated with – try to grab the same username
  2. It’s ok to master one at a time (don’t worry about others) – you don’t have to be everywhere like bird shit
  3. Tag other people and companies in your posts that you use as a customer or work with – don’t be afraid to give recognition & support
  4. Research & Use hashtags with intention so you can find your peeps & connect;
  5. Jump into conversations – don’t wait for someone to invite you, roll up & join in
  6. Get into videos early – test them out & make them a regular strategy (pre-recorded, promos, & Lives all work for different reasons)
  7. Know your stats – or you’re wasting your time, & everyone else’s
  8. Quote an article or famous person & tag them in your post – better yet, quote yourself & spread that too!
  9. Mix-up your content with images, links, and videos
  10. Ask questions at the end of your posts and stories & tell your audience to post their responses in your comments
  11. Post surveys in your Stories & Feeds
  12. Action goes down in the DM when done right for business & connections
  13. Invite your audience to participate in ‘Caption This Image’ or ‘Fill in the Blanks’
  14. Use Call-to-Actions – Tell your audience what you want them to do; we can all use some guidance
  15. Keep it strategically short on Twitter but don’t be afraid to link your messages with a story
  16. Mix up the length of your posts – Long for engaging blog stories; Short for eye-catching moments & reactions
  17. Be creative! Check out other ideas, flip ’em, spice ’em up, & make ’em your own

The Rundown

17 Social Media Engagement Strategies PinNow you might be thinking, “this is a lot of shit to do,” and you’d be correct. I’m not against outsourcing some things in your business but you still should know how to engage with the people you want to become fans, followers, customers, partners, clients, and ultimately long-term connections to you and your brand.

Bottom-line, you need to do the work. You can’t outsource that fact. Without having done it, how can you blame the process or people who have done the work and given you advice? How can you say things don’t work if you haven’t done it?

I’ve had clients tell me that they don’t like social media, don’t want to be on it, don’t want to advertise, yet wonder why they don’t see an improvement in their finances or social reach. You can’t get around doing the work. Plain & simple.

Now on a lighter note, if you have a favorite tip that you use to engage your followers, or you use any of those I listed above, please share it in the comment section below and help your fellow Solopreneurs!

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