Charlene V. Brown

Becoming an author was never on my Bucket List. Learn how this all came to be & how I’m continuing the journey.

"Very well written and organized book. The author talks about everything you need to know about branding your online business. I liked that the author explained the terms used in the book, that was very helpful."
Claudia Svartefoss
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"If you have a business, are starting a business, want to start a business, or just know you want to, then get this book. It gets you off on the right track to get your brand noticed, increasing your business presence, and helping it grow. You should grab it now. Don't forget to leave a review when you finish it."
David A. Dill
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"This book was awesome! I have written 4 books, but don't think I've been as profitable as I could be. This book contained so much advice that was simple and easy to apply. The author explained the importance of a "Power Crew", which I will look to form right away. Buy this book if you want to turn clicks into profit!"
Michael Greggory
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Meet Charlene

Thank you for coming through & visiting my non-fiction author site.

I will share news about my written projects & my personal & professional journey as a Solopreneur in New York who happens to be a Black woman.

So take a moment to look around & see the different sections throughout my website. They will be updated regularly so please come back & visit!

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"Thoroughly addresses branding issues that new online businesses must consider. Social media issues are especially valuable. The glossary of online branding terms is a welcome resource for those who are just beginning."

Brian D. Jones, Verified Purchase

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17 Social Media Engagement Building Strategies in 2019

Social Media has been an ever-growing challenge for me because I’ve been fighting with how I want my brand to be represented online. Testing the waters, figuring our my message, thinking about how to promote myself and services, and all the while not trying to overexpose my personal business.

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A Taste of Keep It Super Simple

No need to put all your sweat, hopes, dreams, and tears in one broken, tattered basket. Testing out a roadmap is not a cardinal business sin, but sticking to another business’s roadmap and essentially copying their approach can turn out detrimental for you in the end.

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How Much Transparency Is Too Much?

Transparency is sometimes seen as being overused but many people want to have transparency in a time that social media has encouraged us to share our lives. The question becomes, how much it too much transparency. Learn more to find out what I think.

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